Residency in Stamsund

In July 2019 I arrived in Stamsund, a small fishing village situated above the Arctic Circle in Norway for a residency.

In the past I have spent short periods of time here and always harboured the desire to return and do some painting. At first I was unsure how long I would be able to stay, but my intention was to be here long enough to produce some work and stage a small exhibition.

Every year Stamsund hosts a theatre festival and as it turned out I managed to get a slot on the programme to have an exhibition in conjunction with the event.

Enter Covid 19! The festival is cancelled. I get somewhat stranded in the Arctic. Not all bad. There are certainly worse places to be. Especially during a pandemic…

Towards the end of 2020 a friend had almost finished restoring her Rorbu so we decided to have a joint opening and exhibition of my paintings.

It took place in November in possibly the worst week of weather we had experienced for a while but considering this, the uncertainty of Covid and all it’s social restrictions, much to my surprise I sold half of my work. The exhibition was definitely a success. Especially in a town with a population of 1000 inhabitants.

Mission accomplished! Thank you Stamsund.